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LLS Major

History of the Major

The first class of Latina/Latino Studies majors graduated in May 2011. Since then, numerous students have chosen to pursue the major on its own or as a double or dual degree major. The theses of the senior honors students are catalogued by the LAS Honors office. You can read some recent senior project and thesis abstracts here--May 2015.


Students must complete 34 hours of required and elective courses: 28 hours of core courses and 6 hours of electives, with at least 12 hours being at the 300-400 level. Also, students must complete an additional 18 hours of supporting coursework.

Latina/Latino Studies Major checklist

Declared majors and minors can log into the LLS curriculum site at https://compass2g.illinois.edu/ for departmental information relevant to students.

Core Courses (28 hours)

  1. LLS 100: Intro Latina/Latino Studies (3 hours)
  2. LLS 385: Theory and Methods in LLS (3 hours) (typically offered only in Fall)
  3. Students must take two courses in each of the three following areas (18 hours total)

    Literature, Media, and Culture

    • LLS 240: Latina/o Popular Culture
    • LLS 242: Intro to Latina/o Literature
    • LLS 250: Latina/os on the Bronze Screen
    • LLS 259: Latina/o Cultures
    • LLS 301: 19thC US Latina/o Lit-ACP
    • LLS 360: Contemporary US Latina/o Lit
    • LLS 375: Latina/o Media in the US
    • LLS 410: Writing Latina/o Chicago
    • LLS 435: Commodifying Difference
    • LLS 458: Latina/o Performance
    • LLS 472: Border Latina, Latino Cultures

    Race, Gender, and Sexuality

    • LLS 215: US Citizenship Comparatively
    • LLS 230: Latina/o Genders & Sexualities
    • LLS 265: Politics of Hip Hop
    • LLS 320: Gender & Latina/o Migration
    • LLS 355: Race and Mixed Race
    • LLS 387: Race, Gender and the Body
    • LLS 392: Chicanas&Latinas: Self&Society
    • LLS 442: Latina Literature
    • LLS 465: Race, Sex, and Deviance
    • LLS 479: Race, Medicine, and Society

    History, Politics, and Society

    • LLS 220: Latina/o Migration
    • LLS 238: Latina/o Social Movements
    • LLS 278: Mapping Latina/o Inequalities
    • LLS 279: Mexican-American History
    • LLS 280: Caribbean Latina/o Migration
    • LLS 368: Latinas/os & Public Policy
    • LLS 370: Latina/o Ethnography
    • LLS 379: Latina/os and the City
    • LLS 382: Race and Migration in Chicago
    • LLS 468: Latinas/os & the Law
    • LLS 473: Immigration, Health & Society
  4. LLS 490: Research and Writing Seminar or LLS 495: Senior Honors Thesis (4 hours)

LLS Electives (6 hours)

Six hours of electives must be selected from the above categories and an approved course list maintained by the Latina/Latino Studies office and the LLS advisor.

Supporting Coursework (18 hours)

Eighteen hours of supporting coursework must be chosen in consultation with an advisor; may be a campus-approved minor.

Total Credit Hours (52 hours)

  • 28 hours Core Courses
  • 6 hours LLS Electives
  • 18 hours Supporting Coursework

Note: Twelve hours of advanced (300- and 400-level) courses must be taken on this campus.

Departmental Distinction

To be eligible for departmental distinction, a student must achieve at least a 3.25 cumulative grade point average, a minimum 3.5 GPA in the major, and complete a senior honors thesis. Students graduating with at least a 3.5 GPA in the major will be awarded Distinction; those with at least a 3.7 GPA in the major will be given High Distinction.