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LLS Minor


The Department of Latina/Latino Studies offers a campus-wide minor that provides students with the opportunity to critically explore various facets of U.S. Latina/o social, political, and cultural life. Students will also more generally gain a deeper understanding of race, ethnicity, and diversity in the United States. The Department of Latina/Latino Studies must approve a student's minor course plan.

The Minor in Latina/Latino Studies will allow students following any major plan of study to gain extensive knowledge in Latina/Latino Studies by means of a set of six courses (at least 18 credits hours) chosen in consultation with a Latina/Latino Studies Advisor.

Latina/Latino Studies Minor checklist

Declared majors and minors can log into the LLS curriculum site at for departmental information relevant to students.

  1. LLS 100: Intro Latina/Latino Studies (3 hours)
  2. Students must take one course in each of the three following areas (9 hours total)

    Literature, Media, and Culture

    • LLS 240: Latina/o Popular Culture
    • LLS 242: Intro to Latina/o Literature
    • LLS 250: Latina/os on the Bronze Screen
    • LLS 259: Latina/o Cultures
    • LLS 301: 19thC US Latina/o Lit-ACP
    • LLS 360: Contemporary US Latina/o Lit
    • LLS 375: Latina/o Media in the US
    • LLS 410: Writing Latina/o Chicago
    • LLS 435: Commodifying Difference
    • LLS 458: Latina/o Performance
    • LLS 472: Border Latina, Latino Cultures

    Race, Gender, and Sexuality

    • LLS 215: US Citizenship Comparatively
    • LLS 230: Latina/o Genders & Sexualities
    • LLS 265: Politics of Hip Hop
    • LLS 320: Gender & Latina/o Migration
    • LLS 355: Race and Mixed Race
    • LLS 387: Race, Gender and the Body
    • LLS 392: Chicanas&Latinas: Self&Society
    • LLS 442: Latina Literature
    • LLS 465: Race, Sex, and Deviance
    • LLS 479: Race, Medicine, and Society

    History, Politics, and Society

    • LLS 220: Latina/o Migration
    • LLS 238: Latina/o Social Movements
    • LLS 278: Mapping Latina/o Inequalities
    • LLS 279: Mexican-American History
    • LLS 280: Caribbean Latina/o Migration
    • LLS 368: Latinas/os & Public Policy
    • LLS 370: Latina/o Ethnography
    • LLS 379: Latina/os and the City
    • LLS 382: Race and Migration in Chicago
    • LLS 468: Latinas/os & the Law
    • LLS 473: Immigration, Health & Society
  3. 2 elective courses (6 hours) selected from the list of all LLS and cross-listed LLS classes maintained by Latina/Latino Studies
  • No more than 3 hours may be at the 100 level and at least 6 hours must be 300 and 400-level courses.
  • Students must officially declare their minor by registering with the Latina/Latino Studies advisor.
  • Completion of the minor requires a minimum grade point average of 2.75 (A+ = 4.0) in Latina/Latino Studies courses.