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LLS Teachers Ranked as Excellent

Posted Mon, 19 Mar 2018

Congratulations to all of the LLS teachers ranked as excellent during the Summer and Fall 2017 semesters!

Summer 2017: Tanya Diaz-Kozlowski (LLS 100)

Fall 2017: Lisa Cacho (LLS 100 & 396), David Coyoca (LLS 242), Tanya Diaz-Kozlowski (LLS 240), David Luis Glisch-Sanchez (LLS 230 & 368), Natalie Lira (LLS 296 & 479), Ethan Madarieta (TA-LLS 100), Lisa Ortiz (TA-LLS 220), Sandra Ruiz (LLS 385)

LLS Statement of Support of the Graduate Employees' Organization (GEO)

Posted Wed, 07 Feb 2018

We, faculty in the Department of Latina/Latino Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, write to express our support for the Graduate Employees’ Organization in their effort to bargain a fair contract with the University. Graduate employees perform essential work for the University as teachers and graduate assistants. We urge Provost Cangellaris to accept the GEO’s proposals for a new collective bargaining agreement, preserve graduate employees’ tuition waivers, pay them a living wage, and provide them with adequate health care.

We urge Provost Cangellaris and the University bargaining team to work with the GEO to provide graduate employees with a fair contract. If the Graduate Employee Organization is forced to strike, we understand that this drastic measure means that the University administration is unwilling to resolve negotiations at the bargaining table. We support this and all efforts by GEO.


LLS Faculty  & Staff

Social Justice & Health: How to get Involved

Posted Wed, 24 Jan 2018

We are excited to welcome back two LLS alums, Cindy San Miguel and Xavy Ramirez, and UIUC alum Cecilia Macias who will be coming to our campus on February 6 to talk with students about careers, internships and graduate programs in social justice and health. The event, Social Justice & Health: How to get Involved, will consist of a Lunch and Learn from 12-2pm & an afternoon workshop from 4-6pm. Both sessions will be held at La Casa Cultural Latina. Lunch food will be provided at the Lunch and Learn. All students across campus are welcome.

Medical Humanities @ Illinois Lecture Series: "When the Shooter is White: Race, Mental Illness, and the Politics of American Firearms"

Posted Wed, 24 Jan 2018

The Department of Latina/Latino Studies is a co-sponsor of a lecture on March 29 by Dr. Jonathan M. Metzl of Vanderbilt University. Dr. Metzl will be giving the Spring lecture for the Medical Humanities @ Illinois Lecture Series, titled When the Shooter is White: Race, Mental Illness, and the Politics of American Firearms (@ 4-5:30pm, Levis Faculty Center, Room 300). Latina/Latino Studies is a co-sponsor of the Lecture Series. When perpetrators of violence are people of color, journalists, politicians and many citizens treat their violence as natural, expected. But when shooters are white men who kill white victims, politicians like Trump, and indeed many other facets of white America, reach for the notion of an unstable, angry, isolated person driven to mass murder. That description is a relatively new one: the image of a disturbed, gun-obsessed, white male loner who presents a threat to mainstream society emerged alongside the rise of mass shootings over the past two decades. To take but one example, in the aftermath of Newtown, headlines repeatedly described killer Adam Lanza as a deranged “loner” who “felt no pain.” In this talk, Prof. Metzl addresses how the automatic assumption that white shooters are isolated, deranged individuals conveys the subtle message that whiteness in general, and white masculinity specifically, is not connected to any larger cultures, networks or ideologies that might foment violence. Such framing allows Americans, white Americans in particular, to avoid pondering any number of larger narratives that might provide wider contexts in which to understand the trauma of modern-day mass shootings—and that might force us to consider taking charged or controversial actions to prevent them.

For more information contact Jonathan Inda ( or Stephanie Hilger (

LLS Newsletter

Posted Fri, 08 Sep 2017

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