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Dr. Sandra Ruiz

Assistant Professor of Latina/Latino Studies and English, Affiliate of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Comparative and World Literature , & The Unit for Criticism & Interpretive Theory

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Contact Information

  • Address: Department of Latina/Latino Studies
    1207 W. Oregon
  • Telephone: 217-265-0370
  • Email:

Research Description

I am currently working on my manuscript entitled Ricanness: Sensing Time in Anticolonial Performance, which examines how acts of bodily and sensorial endurance by Puerto Rican artists and revolutionaries serve as aesthetic andpolitical interventions under colonial temporality. To consider what it means,feels, senses to be Rican in the world, this book will engage with Ricanperformance/video art, theatre, and historical events of insurrection. Thesedifferent, yet united performance sites reimagine the limits of existence undercolonialism via temporal strategies like duration, exhaustion, dying, waiting,and pausing. By placing in conversation Continental philosophy, anticolonialtheory, Latinx performance studies, and queer theory, this book argues that the spatial politics that define Ricanness and US/PR relations must be revisitedthrough the colonization of time. In doing so, this project contends that eachartist and revolutionary creates their own bearable and temporally fashionedisland through alternate narratives of perseverance, belonging, being, life,and death.

Specializations / Research Interest(s)

  • Performance Studies, Puerto Rican Studies, Latinx Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Gender, Sexuality & Queer Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Continental Philosophy, Contemporary American Literature, Theatre Studies, Minoritarian Aesthetics


  • PHD, Performance Studies, New York University
  • MA, Performance Studies, New York University
  • BA, English Language & Literature, University of Chicago

Distinctions / Awards


  • Graduate Seminar: Issues in Performance Studies
  • Graduate Seminar: Minoritarian Aesthetics
  • Grad/Undergrad: Brown and Black Existentialisms
  • Grad/Undergrad: Latinx Performance & Performance Studies
  • Grad/Undergrad: Latinx Dramatists from the 1960s to the Future
  • Undergraduate: Theories and Methods in Latina/o Studies


Journal Articles

  • "Organismal Futurisms in Brown Sound and Queer Luminosity: Getting into Gressman's Cyborgean Skin." Performance Matters Vol. 3.Issue 2 (2017): 72-91. 16 Dec. 2017.

  • Publication Photo

    Ruiz, Sandra. "Waiting in the Seat of Sensation: Ryan Rivera’s Brown Existentialism." Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory 25.3 (2015): 336-352.

  • Ruiz, Sandra. "El Caribe on the Horizon: José Esteban Muñoz and the Commitment to Futurity." Small Axe: A Caribbean Journal of Criticism 19.2.47 (2015): 94–103.

  • Ruiz, Sandra, and Tracie D. Morris. "Introduction: Policy Matters." Women and Performance: a journal of feminist theory 17.3 (2007):


  • Ruiz, Sandra. Rev. of In Visible Movement: Nuyorican Poetry from the Sixties to SlamAmerican Literary History Online VII (2016):